Top 5 Christian Pump-Up Songs

Warner University is a Christian institution that tries to shine the light of Jesus in every possible situation. One area Warner tries to shine Jesus’ light is through its athletic programs. One of the most common t-shirts worn by athletes on campus is a bright yellow shirt that says “Make Him Known” on the back. In fact, during basketball games at the Turner Athletic Center, one will find that only Christian songs will play throughout the game as to present a different image to opposing teams that shows Jesus comes first at this university. With that being said, here are some of the best Christian pump-up songs for Warner student-athletes to get fired up to before a game.

1. Ignition- tobyMac

The perfect Christian pump-up song, it is fast-paced from the beginning and will turn on your ignition to get ready for the heat of competition.

2. Ooh Ahh- Grits

Ooh Ahh is a Christian rap song that will have you ready to play anybody, anywhere.

3. Church Clap- KB ft. Lecrae

Church Clap is THE pump-up song of Coach Jeff Sikes, head coach of the Royals baseball team. Per his choice, the Royals baseball team runs out on to the field while this song is playing for every home game. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to catch a glimpse of him singing and dancing to this song in the dugout.

4. Comatose- Skillet

Comatose will wake you up in the morning ready to beat your opponent into the ground…nicely…like Jesus would.

5. The Slam- tobyMac

The Slam makes you want to bang your head like a rock star before you go out on the field feeling like an all-star.


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